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UK Politician Liz Kendall was facing a huge issue during his run for office: People know that she is smart, but they find her and her policies boring.

At the end of the day, can you win the popular vote, with being.. popular?
With her back against the wall, Kendall opened up and searched for ways to connect with the people. As the United Kingdom Labour Party leader candidate is a big fan of Eminem, she meshed some of her work with one of her favorite Em songs to grab the people.
The results were funny and effective.
Liz Kendall’s campaign video was spoofed using Eminem’s “Stan” and has helped boost her numbers. Kendall penned an open letter and shared a campaign video to Labour Party supporters in August asking for them to vote for her. Rather than use her voice over sharing the thoughts of what she was writing, she opted to go with the Em track. Pretty cool right?
According to The Telegraph, Kendall “is a fan of hardcore rap music and counts Public Enemy among her favorites.” Only time will tell if she will win, but she gets an "A" for effort in her attempt to connect with the youth. Kudos Kendall.