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YouTuber Troye Sivan Leaves Me Begging For Part 2 Of Music Video
You know what I hate? Those stupid music videos that are just clips from tours OR even worse, 4 minutes of watching the artist sing while turning their head slightly in many directions while keeping creepy eye contact.
Music videos rock when they tell a story, you know what I'm talking about; the ones that pair their lyrics with a short movie that just rips out the heart. A video that causes you to lose yourself for a few minutes in some complete strangers heart break.
Famous Youtuber and musician Troye Sivan took his musical story to the next level, and I am left here dying for more.
Part 1 of his music video WILD dropped on Friday and it is intense, heartbreaking, and beautiful!

And thats just Part 1 of 3!

Whats even better is Troye Sivan is gay which means his music AND videos are some of the few (but thankfully growing) videos that the LBGTQ+ community can relate too.
The story centers around two young boys who are best friends and also clearly develop feelings for each other. Throw in an alcoholic father, and a steamy kiss from present day adult Troye and friend and my emotions are SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL!
Now I am left wondering what the hell is about to happen, because I know something intense is about to go down.
Check out this amazing song and video here!
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.

Now my theory is :

The friend had to kill his Dad (the shot with the suit made me think funeral), because his alcoholic Dad fell into a violent rage because he couldn't accept his gay son and tried to kill Troye. But I am also super dramatic sometimes so who knows!!

Let me know your theories!

And be on the lookout for Part 2!

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OMG! I’m obsessed with this Troye’s EP. and now the music video! After watching it, I think I agree with your theory. Maybe not that the dad was killed by him, but definitely that he has an alcohol problem and died from that. His friend is consoling him about it, and reflecting on the experiences.
@nicolejb I am just sooooo curious !!! Damn it Troye post the second one !!!! fools is my fav song tho UGHHH I love him hahaha