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Sesame Street has done parodies of countless films in the past, but one I thought I would NEVER see remixed on the show was "When Harry Met Sally."

Apparently the good folks in Sesame Street land thought it would be cool to mesh the Fake Orgasm scene from the movie with the characters on the show.. and present it to the children.. the future.
Oh boy.
When I first read it was coming (ahh man, poor choice of words) I was worried the scene would be a bit much for children to ingest. I mean if something risky popped across the scene, it could cause a lot of parents to have the "talk" way before they are ready.

Luckily for them (I think) Sesame Street used the characters to teach the children a lesson on the importance of patience.. controlling yourself and waiting your turn.

Ummmm... yeah.
This one may have been too close to the vest to rollout. They were probably better off axing this scene.

Please guys, lets keep the show as close to "G" as possible.

@shannonl5 Me too! I was thinking about doing a card on my favorite parodies of all time or maybe my favorite special guests on the show... I think it would be dope!
I love Sesame Street! Their parodies are so amazing ^_^
Ooooh @christianmordi that would be tough there were so many amazing ones over the years! did a great song with them a few years back that honestly still makes me smile