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Ahhh... I wanted to do this but I'm really terrible at keeping up with things on a daily basis...So I'm going to try and do it like 3 or 4 a card when I get the chance to do it! Hopefully I can make one once a week. This is my first card on vingle too! omo

How Did you Find VIXX?

I was actually just obsessing over Block B at the time and watching their MV's on YouTube and VOODOO DOLL popped up in the suggestions and I decided why not? So I watched VOODOO DOLL and FELL IN LOVE!!! <3

Who's your bias?

Ahhh, I'm in love with none other than VIXX's leader, N! Cha Hakyeon! He's such a loveable little dork. He's so caring to his starlights and his members, but he's snarky and playful! He is simply amazeballs! He is also the perfect amount of adorable and sexy. As well as my friend and I think he's the adult real life Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6.....lol

Who's your secret bias?

RAVI! Oh my goodness he's so handsome! I love his deep voice and he just is always so chill~

What do you like about each member?

I'll do this in a list.
Hakyeon- He's my favorite, I like everything about him. His prominent cheekbones and his playful and young attitude is fantastic. He's got a very strong personality and I'm very drawn to that.
Ravi- He's a very talented rapper. I think his jawline is magnificent and he seems to be really good at sports which makes me admire his athleticism.
Leo- I really like how shy he is. He's so adorable and soft spoken but he's so smiley when you get to see that!
Hongbin- I like his MCing. He's a great talker and he has a nice sense of humor.
Ken- Ahhh what a loveable dork! He is so silly and funny. He makes me smile because he's such a class clown! He's lovely.
Hyuk- The maknae that is fearless. Oh my goodness I love how badass he is and that he's such a jokester! He likes to cause trouble and be a troublemaker and I like that a lot.
I'll do one more just incase I go 5 days before I can contribute again. VIXX DAY 5!

What's your fav era?

Ohhh this is so difficult for me to choose. I think I'll go with On and On era... I just really loved the make up and hair concepts they did for this single. I'm such a sucker for purple hair and Hyuk rocked it so hard. And don't even get me started on how much I freaking LOVE N with this silver hair!!!
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helllllo! Glad you were able to join :) Nice to meet you~☆ Hakyeon does remind me of a grown up Hiro, toooooo!!!