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When you're looking for a bridal bouquet that feels effortless and just-picked from the garden, you need to know a secret florist design trick!
Pictured above, you'd swear it was one of the most perfect ombre wedding bouquets ever. But how did they do it? Clearly, we can see the flowers meld from pale creamy white and pink to deep velvety red and maroon. No trick in that, is there? Nope. It's something a bit more subtle. Look and see if you can figure it out, just by OBSERVING.
If you've read my design cards at all then you'll recognize a common theme that brings out the best in wedding details. What is it, you ask? Make the eyes work! Our eyes are lazy, they need something to grab onto.
The design trick is by combining the unexpected together. In the case of these flowers, different types of roses were thrown in the mix such as Ecuadorian, English and Spray. With each of them completely different styles of roses to begin with, adding in the ombre color change was yet another layer. And that is the basis for how to incorporate unexpected things, which is by layering.
1. Vary the flower type (three different rose classifications used)
2. Color dynamics (ombre effect)
3. Layer (instead of grouping, intermix the floral species)
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