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Justin Bieber has never been one to back down to a challenge in regards to music, but last time on the Jimmy Fallon show he bit off more than he could chew. The famed musician challenged world renoun drummer Questlove to a "drum-off" which he lost.
I guess the public lashing hurt his pride as Bieber has been anxious for a re-match. Last night during his appearance on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon the singer asked for a rematch.

The epic battle will surely go down as one of the best the show has seen.

Beiber looked to make us all "Belibers" during this drum-off as he was working harder than Miler Teller in that last scene in "Whiplash" on the drums.

I must say, I was truly impressed with his growth on the drums since their last meeting. Sometimes the overwhelming press away from the music can cause a casual fan to forget that Justin is an EXTREMELY talented musician, but here is the proof. No doubt in my mind that this kid is here to stay for a very long time.
Questlove took this loss with grace. I can't wait to see round 3 between these two soon.
dude I was butt hurt that he didn't win that first round doin the ozzy impression BOTH if his songs were perfect and he did amazing lol. I'm not a die hard crazy fan the way girls are. I just really felt like he did better. and I didn't even know he played the drums he was awesome. I'm glad he won :)
@RobynHope same, I didn't even know he played the drums!!! I think I tended to write off JB before as kind of a teen pop sensation that wouldn't stick around a long time, probably due as you said @christianmordi to the media circus. But this renews my faith in him :) and he does make some pretty catchy music! I always think that the true measure of a pop musician is how long their songs stay stuck in your head :)