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If you read this card, then you distinctly remember that I promised to share with you more stunning gowns from Inbal Dror's 2015 Venice Bridal Collection. Well, I do keep my promises. This card is packed with too many gowns to count (and it's not even the entire Dror collection of dresses!). But, unlike what you see elsewhere, which is typically, just the front of the gowns, I am showing you the back side of every gown here! If that seems like a big deal, it is. How many bridal magazines take the time to show the back.
@Safaa12 do you have a new favorite from the first dress you picked out on my other card?
@PaulaRasnick and @ariannagorniak1 you both and I gushed over the second dress from my previous card. Still loving it or have you found an even better one in this list?
What about you @blubear07? You were all about the third dress. What's your pick out of these?
@DaniaChicago here are even more dresses to heart!
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Childish? Nah. Not at all @BluBear07 I wouldn't count marriage out completely (for myself), but I am definitely not looking, nor am I in any hurry. I'm like you; I'd rather plan everyone else's wedding. lol
@marshalledgar I am not engaged actually. I just love wedding dresses! 😄 I could plan weddings all day but I'm deff never getting married lol. The thought makes me cringe for some reason. I suppose that makes me sound childish.
wow soo many to choose from!...this is gonna be i love mermaid tail dresses but most if not all of them are strapless. ..which I hate. That being said ...I'm torn between #15 and #14. The backs of the dresses are gorgeous..but i dont like the front of #15....I prefer a the top half of #6.. ..I know I'm picky 😊
haha You're allowed to be "picky." By all means, get the dress you love! Are you engaged now @BluBear07? I still love the gown I chose for my September Platinum Bride. Did you see the card? It's here: