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K-Pop Cuties Tournament: Round 2!!
We have had 5 days to vote and Friday has finally arrived! I have tallied up everyone's votes and have filled in round two and man! It was super super one vote difference in some rounds, and super duper clear winners in others! We only had one tie breaker that I had to use my pre-picked vote on, and it was definitely an evenly matched one. You guys ready for round two?!?!
As I did in the last card, I am going to write each match below, and you guys write your numbered picks in the comments! I will tally, and... ON WEDNESDAY I will see where we are, figure this round and start on round 3! You guys, it's just getting harder. Everyone is tooooo cute! There are still too many to vote on, so I will just list the matches, but next week I will include pictures with each pair. *****I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOOKING UP EACH IDOL TO JUST GET A GOOD VIBE OF HOW CUTE THEY ARE. ******
1. Onew (SHINee) VS D.O (EXO) 2. Rap Monster (BTS) VS Minhyuk (CNBlue) 3. Ilhoon (BtoB) VS Sandeul (B1A4) 4. BamBam (Got7) VS Ken (VIXX) 5. Suga (BTS) VS Leo (VIXX) 6. Minhyuk (BtoB) VS Junior (Got7) 7. Woozi (Seventeen) VS L (Infinite) 8. Jin (BTS) VS Junho (2PM) 9. J-Hope (BTS) VS Mark (Got7) 10. Dino (Seventeen) VS Jimin (BTS) 11. Xiumin (EXO) VS G-Dragon (BIGBANG) 12. JungKook (BTS) VS V (BTS) WOO! Those are so hard matches right there!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!! Let's continue this bracket until we have crowned: THE K-POP KING OF CUTE!!!!
THERE IS MORE! Just because 22 of these amazing cuties didn't make it through to round two doesn't mean they aren't adorable! So here are some collages I made of the k-pop cuties that didn't make it, but still deserve to get their faces shown! Plus, some of them lost by just one vote (Yoseob my darling I'm so sorry)! Or in Henry's case, he was tied and I originally voted for Jr! So let's end this card on a note of the idols that did not make it. We love you anyway! And make sure to vote below on the idols that did make it! Thank you guys!
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1. D.O 2. Rap Monster 3. Ilhoon 4. Bambam 5. Suga 6. Junior 7. Woozi 8. Jin 9. Mark 10. Jimin 11. G-dragon 12. V 9 and 12 were ridiculously hard to choose for me
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1. Onew 2. RapMon 3. Ilhoon 4. Ken 5. Suga 6. Junior 7. L 8. Junho 9. Mark 10. Jimin 11. Xiumin 12. Jungkook
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1.D.O (exo) 2. Rap Mon (bts) 3. Ilhoon (btob) 4. BamBam (Got7) 5. Suga (bts) 6.Junior (Got7) 7.Woozi (Seventeen) 8.Jin (bts) 9. Mark ( Got7) 10. Jimin (Bts) 11. Xiumin (exo) 12. Jungkook (Bts) How in the world was I able to pick between V and Jungkook. That was literally impossible.
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Okay everyone, voting has ended for Round 2! I'm setting up round 3 now and it'll be up later today. Thanks for playing :)
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