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Hello fellow VIPS!! I am a HUGE BIGBANG fan. Seriously, I'm obsessed with them. Rightfully so, I think~ Anyway, I'm doing an obnoxious countdown all the way until my show date! I currently live in Orlando, Florida and I will be attending their MADE Tour date in Anaheim California on October 4th!! I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!! I'll be posting simple little edits on instagram and on my facebook and on tumblr all the way up until the day it arrives. I figured I'd share my love with all of you guys! Feel free to follow me on tumblr or on instagram to keep updated with my crazy obsession and with the countdown. I won't be posting a picture every day until it's a week until. If you're going to a later date, feel free to steal my countdowns! It's fun and my goodness I cannot wait!

Are any of you going to see BIGBANG on the MADE tour?

If you're going to Anaheim as well, hit me up!!
@drummergirl691 I hope so too!!! I actually planned to go to Disneyland on all the days they possibly could....just to see if they'd be there. lol
@ocherrylimeadeo it's a big place and I hate doing stuff like that alone. I'm already freaking out about going to the concert. lol I would LOVE to go to K-Town in L.A. but I KNOW I won't do that alone. lol
yeaaah!! you should I'd you can! I'm going!! =]
@ocherrylimeadeo Sec. 326 Row D hopefully those are decent seats. I have NO clue. I was thinking about going to Disneyland too, for the Halloween celebration. I've always wanted to go ever since I saw it on the Nightmare Before Christmas special features DVD!
where are you sitting @tigerlily84!?by I'm sure you'll make some friends quick at the concert!!!
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