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Brides, in all the planning, have you stopped to consider how your groom will react to seeing you for the first time in your dress?
Have you ever wondered what his reaction will be? Well, let me ask you, what are you hoping to see in his face? Joy? Tears? Something else?
Take a look at the expressions on the faces of these grooms as they see their bride for the first time. Grab a kleenex ladies!
@TerrecaRiley how did your husband react to seeing you for the first time at the wedding? Care to share? :)
unfortunately I didn't see. I was too upset. we didn't have one of those traditional weddings. we were both at my brother's house getting ready and I stepped out of the room to look for something after being done up by my sister and sister in law.I was so pissed about something or another and didn't even realise he was sitting there until he said "did you see my expression when you stepped out?"I wish I could replay that moment... sigh
Oh no!!! @TerrecaRiley I am so sorry that that happened. I remember there was going to be a brawl at a wedding I was at years ago where the groom was devastated and beside himself because his best man saw the bride all done up before the groom. I remember being in the room when the groom burst into the room in a rage and it was scary and tense for about 90 seconds. Mind you, this is literally minutes before everyone takes their places. I didn't say a word and neither did my assistant. There was nothing to say or do to pull them away from the ledge.
That's ok. Our wedding was lovely! Not to mention the photo shoot! that was fun! So sorry about that wedding! I don't think that was a logical reaction from the groom tho.
@TerrecaRiley I'm glad yours turned out well. yeah, the groom was a zilla