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I'm working overtime for all you brides out there so that I can find you stunning options so that you look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle and your groom lays eyes of you for the first time. You want that moment to be epic, right? Let's find you an epic gown!
Which of these three Ralph Russo gowns would you say "I do" in? Or, which of these would you put your matron of honor in? Because you know, she's got to look stunning too. Don't worry!-- she won't look better than you! And then that's all done, click here to see what the reactions were of other grooms when they saw their bride for the first time!
More gowns await you, click here!
my favorite is the first one....@marshalledgar
I like the pattern of the first one but not fond of the neckline and sleves. Love the flared bottom of the second dress but not fond of the shape or the fact that it's strapless. deff need straps...cuz accidents are bound to happen lol 馃槈
I'm torn between the first and the second. I really love the second, a lot! haha thanks for looking and loving! @paularasnick
Ohhh, thank you, @marshalledgar! You're the best!
haha @ButterflyBlu thank yiu. be sure to do some dress shopping on real designer gowns for rent for unbeatable prices
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