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@VinMcCarthy asked for our favorite video game, here's my answer Resident Evil... the original psx title.
when i first bought this game i had no idea it was about zombies so i was pleasantly surprised when i faced off with the first one.
you could chose Chris who apparently only had six pockets and decided to go up against the undead with only a knife to start. a lot of backtracking looking for small keys...
or you could choose Jill. she had eight pockets and showed her intelligence by starting off with a gun. plus since she was the master of all unlocking, she got the lockpick.
of course i must add this is the only game that made me jump...stupid zombie dogs!!!
large rooms and plenty of enemies, you had to learn to conserve your best ammo for the bigger beasties. but these were Romero type zombies so u could usually run around them without killing them if you had the space.
believe me you needed the bigger ammo!!
especially for this guy!! anyway this is still my all time favorite, i only played up to RE4 but this one will always be special :)...just don't mention the movies >:(
this is a great classic! I really loved the resident evil games, and I especially loved RE4. awesome choice! you should also totally post this in video games!
You are my hero lol
Lol I remember my cousins always playing this game.!
@buddyesd I'd put money on that. lol :P Boysss *eye roll*
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