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@poojas tagged me for the monday madness challenge to post a character that I found funny... I chose Ryuk from Death Note. I know he was a shigami, but his character was quite humorous at times.
He loved apples so much. I am pretty sure we would box it out over apples, because you cannot keep me away from apples.
After L started watching Lights movements, Light tells Ryuk no more apples. It causes him to freak out and go into a whole explanation how he needs Apples like smokers and drinkers need tobacco and alcohol. If Ryuk starts to withdrawl from apples, he stands on his head, his body twists and he feels pain XD
Here is a scene from the live action movie where he freaks out wanting an apple.
So yeah, to me Ryuk was funny.
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@poojas yes! he was hilarious to me XD I loved Ryuk. No problem dear! I had to get done with hw! I was like RYUK!! perfecto! Haha yes! XD it's so hard to keep up lol but I am managing! I seriously have written them down on my phone to make an alert to do the challenges XD I'm a super nerd XD
@AimeeH Hahaha. Anime stuff after hw sounds wonderful. And I think the term you're looking for is Super Vingler! ^^
@poojas haha! Awe thank you!! ^~^ Yes!
I would dodge balls too unless you like "balls to the face