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As soon as I saw this exciting picture a thought raced through my head that I wanted to share with everyone in the engagement/wedding planning mode (and wedding enthusiasts alike).
What if your wedding was stripped down to absolute basics?
I'm talking about a courthouse or living room wedding with ONLY the friends and family members that are deeply committed to you (as you are to them)...and celebrate with a pretty cake and punch (champagne, please). Stress-free. Simple. Chic. Inexpensive.
You could then take what you'd pay for food (alone) and go on a fabulous Parisian honeymoon getaway. You could even call it a destination wedding (of sorts). There is something about this idea that gives me chills of giddy excitement!
What do you think of this? Yay? Nay? Eh? While you're thinking about it, click here to see Parisian places to get engaged!
I'm all for miminalistic weddings. If I had to, I'd rather spend my money treating myself to a lavish honeymoon instead.
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I love minimalist weddings. yes, go simple for the wedding and then lavish on the honeymoon. @BluBear07
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Jesus ...spelled minimalistic wrong! my nails make typing kinda difficult lol.
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I didn't catch it until you mentioned it. lol
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