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First off, we have Miracle In Cell No. 7. Like mentioned by @kpopandkimchi , this one is a real tear jerker. From beginning to end I was a sobbing mess needing an entire box of tissues just to dry my eyes. It's an amazing movie with an amazing storyline that will have you screaming at your television at 3 in the morning for getting so frustrated with certain characters or certain parts. Okay maybe that was just me but you get the idea lol.
Next up is I Miss You. This drama is about middle school sweethearts who were separated from each other due to some horrible tragedy. Every episode I think someone is in tears, like no joke. Nevertheless it had made me ugly sob throughout some of the episodes. It is one of my favorite dramas til this day.
I don't think I've seen any other k-dramas/movies that have made me ugly sob. These two are the only ones that have got to me in the feels.
Anybody have any suggestions on other k-dramas/movies? If so comment down below and I will be sure to check them out!
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I know we've already talked about it but MIRACLE OF CELL NO7 WAS RIDICULOUSLY SAD AHHHHH