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I've had milk tea every day for the past week. I was thinking about it and what kpop idol likes bubble tea more than my exo bias Sehun? Today I decided to get lychee jelly instead of tapioca balls though. I feel like I've been asking for too many recommendations lately, but what's your favorite milk tea flavor? I want to expand my milk tea drinking horizons a bit.
my favorite is probably taro flavor with the tapiocs balls~ its just sooo good
Hahahaha totally doods πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@MeeshellBuchan bubble tea is amazing. if I could drink more than one a day without feeling sick (the large at the shop I go to is huge!) I totally would
I was eating chicken wings the other day with a friend. I didn't notice, but next door a new bubble tea shop had opened but it was on the DL I guess cause had I known I'd have had 400 bubble teas by then but I digress. I saw a bro trio walking passed the window with bubble teas and apparently all I could say was "Bubble tea? Bubble tea?? BUBBLE TEA???" as I stared bro trio down with immensely jealously. My friend was laughing quite a bit hahaha. Moral of the story: bubble tea is life. ❀️ YEHET!
i love boba... you should look up the boba life mv