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so alot of you guys like my idea woooooo hahah......anyways everyone said we should start the first saturday of each month so thats the sheduel but since this was late the first card can be posted whatever day this month :)
now some people have been wondering/telling me if there is an order or theme well here it is...*drumroll*....yes there will be a order or theme
each month would have its own catagory but i will post an info card on what the catagory will be at the end of each month......you get me......at the end of this month i will post what theme your card would have to next month
so this first card will not have a catagory you are free to do as you please you can post whatever you want on your ultimate bias.....you can post it tomorrow or sometime this month but make sure you tag me :[]
i am also gonna do a card cause we are all in this together *burst and starts singing* we are all in this togther and we'll show what we are we are stars.......im sorry force of habit and i bet those arent that even the lyrics awww high school musical.....thats childhood
well anyways if you guys have any question or need anything you know where to find me.....im not busy at all so dont be afraid of messaging me or telling/asking for something love you guys bye bye <3 :[]
@B1A4BTS5ever I think if we continue this well get to the bottom of no where
@B1A4BTS5ever I'm soo confused to XD
@ParkMeiFan im so confused he no where but in mine your and @B2utyrisa profile picture
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