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Vingle is the only place I feel free. I don't know anyone on here, my family isn't on here, there's nobody to impress. It's just me and my internet fam :) My fandoms are my family. We don't judge, in fact, we don't even care what each otger look like. We can say ily without caring (idk about here but on vine yes) and we can tell each other our problems. I trust you guys, but not so much on other sites (crazy ppl there).
We can always fangirl together, no matter who, what, where, or when. That's what, we're all about, right?
Unlike judging non-kpoppers... lol
I love these
Summary: I love you guys :) <3
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@JessicaChaney Ah same! Today is my grandpa's birthday and my brother's is on Monday, so I might just sing in Korean xD
this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
@VinMcCarthy Good, because that's how you guys make me feel! :)
Ryan Higa tho xD
so true to me ..šŸ˜Š