4. What do you like about each member? Well first, I love VIXX's dynamic as a group and I don't think any other blend of personalities could create such perfection that defines them. They have gotten so much more comfortable on screen as time has gone on in their career but still maintain a professionalism and maturity for being so young. But individually????!!!!
Hmmmmm. Who to start with... LETS START WITH::: (DRUMROLL PLEASE)
Hongbin!!!!!! I adore him. He is so stable, and kind but still mischievous and seems to like to create situations and watch what happens. His voice is solid and growing everyday and he is a very good dancer. And their stage presence would not be the same without him. Am I the only one who thinks he looks a bit like Se7en??? And those ears!!!! So cute!
Hyukie!!!! *a wild Jackson appears* I chose a picture of Hyuk in Big Byung because it really was the first time I saw him shine outside of VIXX is a variety and comedic like setting. Hyuk was sooooo awkward on interviews and variety when they started out. He didn't know what would work and what wouldn't, but man how he has grown! He's adorable, and I love him for his sweet voice and his growth.
Ken! What I like about Ken is his AMAZING voice, his cute bum, his playful puppy like personality, and his aegyo.
N! He has this cocky, 4-d personality that is just hilarious. He is a giant dork and owns it. Like, when he was on Running Man and his big speech at the beginning about how great he is 馃槀馃槀 Also N looks amazing in every hair color under the sun, and his skin is so freaking gorgeous.
Body. I mean Ravi?!? Oops. Ravi was actually someone who caught my eye right away in VIXX. His rapping style is super fun and goofy (similar to Baro) and has grown in skill since they've debuted. He also has the ability to pull of any style (tin man hat anyone??) He is so solid and I think is a strong base of VIXX and very supportive of the others.
Leo! I love this man. I think he sort of falls to the way side for me because I think he's a lot like me, and that's not my general taste in people. But I understand him. I like his hidden mischievous personality and also how sweet he seems. Also the long hair kills me. No one looks as good as this.
In summation, I like them for their talents only. Not bodies at all. What abs???
@StephanieDuong thank you! And thank you VIXX for your bodies lol.
I love this card!!! And VIXX and their bodies..... (鈯冣库妭)
@baileykayleen of course not hahahahahha
@byeolbit never even noticed their bodies! I'm so glad we aren't shallow :馃槅馃槅馃榿馃榿馃槇馃槇
Lol I love this! I like them all for really similar reasons, too! not their bodies at all. ...nope. .....not at all. ...hahahahab