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My faded memories are coming back to life As I'm holding this picture of ours this time My heart is skipping the beats for your approval again As I'm kneeling down for the pity reason same Yesterday, I was wondering about my tomorrow But these butterflies have again filled up my sorrows As this sunshine blew away the imperfections And together we stand facing into the right directions Even god bow down to our invincible heart As this jeopardised time tried make us apart Even with broken pieces we stood up so high Holding our echoes in our palms with smiles and no sighs We see again with same old beauty and spark in eyes Sometimes I felt a wreck bringing pain within all our lies But now I'm here to carry you with me So that we can touch that zenith completely And make that rainbow our home to fill with warmth and love So that this complete rainbow reaps our emotions into colours some Watching these breezes play with your hairs I wish to fill the gaps of our fingers and complete our pair Watching you licking your lips to moisten I wish to kiss them and let the magic begin Now the light will glow amongst the darkness that filled our heart once As you are guiding light to conquer all of my bewildered essence Now all of my faded memories are turning their way to me As this is the fate we wrote together for our destiny
This is beautiful :) "butterflies have again filled up my sorrows” I know that feeling...
this is the exact reason why I shoot and burn those pictures
It surely made sense @nicolejb and I can surely understand what you said. Thanks for sharing it :)
Haha @HridayAragwal. I’m not much of a sharer, but I’ve definitely been in love before. And the initial attraction or desire you feel for someone else works it’s way in and fills in those holes (slowly but surely). But also you fill them in yourself! ...if that makes sense
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