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Q: What do you like about each member? This is kinda hard bc I don't really know much about hongbin and hyuk but I'll try
N our adorable leader, I like how he always cheers the hardest for his members, he is always there for them and even though he acts wacky, he gets the job done
Hongbin is the face of vixx, Lol he's also quirky but that's the extent of my hongbin knowledge, *pls share more if you want*
Ravi, he's supposed to be bad boy rapper but truthfully he's shy and totally goofy, especially around girls (at least that's what it seems), he makes silly mistakes and it's the cutest thing ever, OMG I could go on forever, I love everything about Ravi ::>_<::
Leo, he is too adorable, I mean he acts shy and everything around others, but when he's with his group he looks like he has so much fun, he doesn't smile often but he gets so much cuter when he does, he is silly and I love it when he gets comfortable enough to show it, our little shy baby, love him so much ugh
Ken, I feel like he's the mood maker a lot of the time, he tries to always make his group members laugh even if he is forcing it himself, he's happy go lucky most of the time and I like that he thinks about the group's happiness a lot of the time but I hope he stops pushing his feelings down, all in all I love his be happy attitude Lol
Hyuk our maknae, who I know nothing about ~T_T~, *pls help me* I love vixx so I feel bad not knowing anything ugh
love our boys and appreciate the love they show to us starlights, My likes were really vague Ik but I tried, hoped you guys enjoyed, Until nxt time
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wahhh I can see how much you love ravi here hahaha ♡♡ it's ok I didn't know much about hyuk or Hongbin at first either! Maybe check out the other cards for the challenge and see what ppl like about them to learn more :)