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From the style makers and award-winning floral designers of Celios Design, comes this stunning white on white wedding reception that is absolutely magical. What makes this all the more remarkable is that the design incorporates silver and cream colors through other elements in the room such as the patterned damask linen, the silver-blue ribbon and moulding, the off-white and white of the tulips, hydrangeas and orchids.
Although none of the candles are lit and the chandeliers are not turned on, you can get the idea of just how romantic this is. Usually, when you think white on white, it immediately comes across as cold or antiseptic. There are tons of adjectives to describe what you're thinking, and most often, none of them are superlatives.
I bet, however, that when you think white on white in the future, this is going to come to your mind. And it should because whether its white on white or another color on color that is the same, you can add bits of other colors and textures to alter the effect to make it more pleasing to the eye.
I am so in love with this design. Everything is in proportion. The candelabras have beautiful taper hurricanes. I love the silver rimmed goblets and the white padded chairs. Now, if I could only see this design fully lit up!
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