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I found this quote and it really made me smile. Sure, I'm not in a relationship or anything, but in this crazy world of two lovers trying to make it together with romance, commitment, with success, gives new meaning to love. And though I don't have a perfect understanding of love that is complete, I am entranced by a love that chooses, above all things, to love the other person.
What do you all think?
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The real issue is finding someone you want to choose over and over...that’s the scary part @buddyesd. lol.
@nicolejb yea I agree that is intimidating and I honestly can't imagine it nowadays. we didn't really have social media when I was courting my wife, so you actually had some space to breathe.
hehehe “courting” I feel like you are the dad of vingle to give good advice @buddyesd. how’d you know your wife was the one worth choosing again and again?
@nicolejb lol yes, I am such a wise man...and my daddy always said I'd never be more than a wise ass xD I didn't at first, in fact since we didn't even speak the same language at first I thought we wouldn't even get past the friends stage :) sometimes i look back and I'm so in awe of it! the main thing is I was honest with her the whole time, that's key. for her it was probably more scary because she had a daughter and so it made our situation more sensitive. I had to also win her trust too. but in the end it was worth it. but we did have to choose each other everyday
What a sweet love story @buddyesd. I image it was hard to get used the language barrier. But what an incredible story to have because of it! :) not a wise ass, more like a romantic!