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Today's community anime recommendation is Baccano!
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Manga written by: Ry艒go Narita
Anime directed by: Takahiro Omori
Number of episodes: 16
Summary (from Wikipedia):
Aboard the ship Advenna Avis in 1711, a group of alchemists summon a demon in the hopes of gaining eternal life. The demon gives them an elixir of immortality and the method of ending their existence, by "devouring" one another, and grants the summoner Maiza Avaro the formula of the elixir. Maiza and most of the alchemists decide that no one else must become immortal; only Szilard Quates opposes. That night, the alchemists begin to disappear, devoured by Szilard. Realizing the threat posed by staying together, they scatter across the globe.
For those of you who've watched it or are watching it, do you like Baccano? Make sure to mention why or why not! ^_^
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@BluBear07 haha yeah. It was kind of confusing for me at first too but I kept watching it for izaya (I guess I have a thing for slightly maniacal characters?). once I got what was going on I enjoyed it though.
I loved this one! Anime/stories where all the characters are somehow related are my favorite. @BluBear07 Durarara (season 1) is another anime produced by the studio that did baccano and the character's lives are all intertwined in that one too. I recommend that you watch it if you haven't already
Man glad you found this. I felt like Ibwas the only one talking about Baccano in here 銋犮厾 its amazing, the characters all their own stories told, every episode is like a new adventure, soundtracks great and I've never seen an anime with this unique way of story telling. Very much worth watching, underrated for sure, one of my favorites of all times
What do you guys think of this one? @caitlind9898 @AimeeH @biancadanica98 @SunnyV @JustinaNguyen @edwinb94 @AkiraCondry @zellie15 @nenegrint14 @B2STANG88 @melineptune @ButterflyBlu @ashleykpop @MaryTowers @camidoll If you are following the collection, just let me know so I don't tag you! ^^
this sounds extremely interesting!!! :D
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