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(credit to @byeolbit for the challenge and also for owners of the photos used)

Question: What do you like about each member?

N's Facial Expressions

I just love it! When he's acting cute, annoyed, shy, errthing me like ^^
For Leo, here is the link to what I like about Leo (click on the blue-colored Leo), besides that he's my secret VIXX bias :D
For Ken, here's the link to what I like about Ken (click on the blue-colored Ken), which is why he's my bias ^^

Hongbin's Photography

If you have watched the first season of Real VIXX and One Fine Day, you'll know what I'm talking about. He makes the landscapes and just a small piece of scrap look beautiful! He sure has skills!

Ravi Dark Concept

Although the whole group together fit the dark concept best but out of the group members, Ravi is the man! When it comes to the facial expressions and movements, it's this man! I bet he's the one that caused more nightmares during Voodoo Doll XD

Hyuk's Maknae Duty: Aegyo

I will not accept the fact that he's a man!! He's still an older baby to me :P He's just too cute to be a man, like no man...not yet...
I'm so glad you mentioned Hongbin's photography ♡.♡ he's so talented!!!
@byeolbit Yup! A masterpiece creating masterpieces XD