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What do I love about each member? Oh how do I put it into words?! I will go in order of age and try to convey my love for the members of VIXX
VIXX leader/Lead Dancer/Vocal/Mom: Cha Hakyeon (N) I could write a book about why I love this man...I am going to try to keep it short on this card though... N is an adorable/sexy man. He loves to goof around but he also knows when to be serious and how to take care of his members. N oppa acts like a mom to his other members and makes sure to take care of and scold them when needed. His stage persona gives me too many feels....and so does the daily N (but entire different kind of feels 😳). N'S BLINDFOLD DANCE. HIS SOFT YET PIERCING EYES👀 N'S way with kids and how much he loves being an uncle gives me faith. I have to stop here before I get to the point of no return...
VIXX Lead Vocal/dance/LR Leader Jung Taekwoon (Leo) I question people's life choices if they don't love this adorable puppy of a man. Leo is honestly the hardest member to find words for why I love him. I honestly love him for being Leo. His cute shyness. His cool and quite appearance. His smile/laugh/aegyo. Leo is the reason I love Leo. There is no other way to put it ☺️ P.S. He is the best Dad VIXX could ever have
Main Vocal: Lee Jaehwan (Ken) Reasons why I love Ken? Oh geez I'm going to have to bullet point this... -Kid Ken -Ken ahjumma -Ken and bubbles -Ken and Ravi -HIS MOSQUITO IMPRESSION -Ken being his average dork self -the sass -girl Ken -Ken's selcas -Ken's aegyo and cuteness -Ken's jokes -too many reason
VIXX Rapper/dance/LR Rapper: Kim Wonshik *gasp* Ravi is Ken's other half and kind of follows Ken's cute ❤️ Ravi is protective of the members and...his little sister! His little sister is his world and the fact that he wants to make her proud...hits me right in the feels~ Ravi is a total goofball who does aegyo so much I think it's a habit (anyone seen smtm4 ep 1, you will understand why I think so) and then you see him when his is raping and you have to do a double take and be like is that dude the same one that was just following Kenjumma around?! Ravi is amazing
VIXX Visual/Vocal: Lee Hongbin (Hongbin) I have two words for you guys SASS-BIN, Sassbin is my favorite. He is just so...sassy! (And fun) Seriously though as much as I love Sassbin, it's not the only reason why I love this visual~ Have you seen his dimples?! ADORABLE His smile is contagious, when he smiles-I smile, he laughs-I fangirl...*ahem* I mean I laugh...😅 The fact he is afraid of N...I find it hilarious, and it ends up in good variety 😂 Hongbin is a special one
VIXX maknae/vocal/dance: Han Sanhyuk (Hyuk) HYUKKIE MY LITTLE BABY HYUKKIE ❤️❤️ My cute, adorable man child ❤️❤️ Hyuk has lived in my heart since I became a starlight, after N oppa of course, I want to protect him~ From debut to present day Hyukkie has been an adorable maknae, and he made sure to show the Starlights his cuteness. And now Hyuk has grown into a man a very good looking man! Hyukkie is so kind and respectful unless he is scheming! Hyuk cracks me up with his joking around and messing with the other members and when he gets sassy! Mmm just makes me want to snap my fingers! Haha I don't really know how to explain my love for Hyukkie...he is my baby 👶
Saranghae, Starlights~
@NatMarie yeah I think it's a pretty impossible feat hahahahaah
@byeolbit I don't think I could have done this in 4 lines! 😂 it took my all day just to figure out how to express my love...I don't think I could have contained it to 4 lines once it came out 😂
@NatMarie Same hahah!! I actually set a like 4 line limit for myself trying to not write too much but I totally broke that!
@byeolbit haha ❤️ I could have gone on and on (starts singing On and On in my head 😅) it was so hard to stop once I started talking about why I love the members!!!
me while reading this card: ahhhhhhHhhhhHhhhhHhhhHhhhHhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhHh yes I agree. haha♡♡♡
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