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If you've been to Budapest, or plan to go there, I'd like you check out my Budapest pocket guide project on Webmaker, at https://beta.webmaker.org/users/465081/projects/12567 This is the first example of what I hope to make into an initiative of creating similar guides for the wanderlust - attractive cities of the world, so much depends now on your feedback. I would appreciate your candid opinion, just remember that this is a beta ( of both webmaker and my pocket guide ) so you can expect all kinds of small problems. Also be warned that Webmaker projects don't work on Safari at this point. I hope you enjoy the guide, Oren
@marshalledgar, yes, that's the general idea
@marshalledgar, it's ok. I just wanted to know that you could find your way through
@marshalledgar, did you wander trough the whole guide?
@marshalledgar, I've been to all kind of places, but unfortunately, in most cases it was in work trips that didn't leave me much time to wander around. I did make a nice trip to Prague though, another city which I highly recommend.
I did. reminded me of a choose your own adventure book
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