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Omg... Idk how to begin... Well I make kpop edits on Vine (I co-own BTS BANGS) and decided to make an imagine... It was an easy one though... Just a picture... with a caption *gives you a look that makes you not want to read this anymore*
Drumroll plz... Hint: It's a simple snapchat one, just a pick. The caption part is what I'm nervous about.
V texts you whenever he gets the chance, and you always make him send you a selca to make sure it's him texting you.
Hahahaha I already give up lol. Idk how to translate my crazy mind into writing rn... any ideas? Or maybe someone wanna collab w/ me? lol
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yay lol @fourstargeneral and thank yiut
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@amandamuska I'll tag you in a crd full if them later!
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ok thank you @fourstargeneral
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