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This isn't kpop related but are any of you guys kohh fans?? Kohh is seriously my Japanese love , hes so perfect and hes such an amazing rapper , if you guys haven't listened to him yet you should because your missing out.
and if you haven't heard it , watch the itgma video because kohh kills the song everyone does but he seriously took the song to a whole new level
Seriously hes amazing really.
These are my favorite songs of his. just a warning the first one has some strong language lol but its extremely catchy and the second one is a remix of kanyes song and as you can hear by kohhs remix its a million times better.
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@Marilovexoxo well not was but is
@summer0698 same here didn't know anyone loved kohh like I do lol
@Marilovexoxo lol yesss didn't know either great I'm not the only one
I am so glad I found this card because I am likinh some Kohh now!!
@BackwardsRain yay! Lol kohh is amazing and his new cd is 🔥🔥