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So I decided that I have a very lucid imagination and it likes to make up music videos in my head. Let's see if I can put them in yours too! Please tell me if it works!
So you can listen and imagine as you read. Color coded for your convenience!
Time of year - Late Fall Weather - Cloudy and gray, but no rain Everything seems bleak and lifeless. You can see your breath
Yongguk Wearing - Dark red long sleeve v-neck tee and black pants. No shoes Location - Sitting on a bed inside a bedroom of a tiny apartment. Apartment is all white. He is staring outside a window that overlooks a river.
Zelo Wearing - Light blue turtleneck with denim jeans and Timberland boots Location - Walking on the sidewalk next to a river. Hands in his pockets
Daehyun Wearing - White button up shirt and black dress pants. Light pink bowtie Location - Coffee shop where he is the waiter. Clearing tables
Jongup Wearing - Green knitted sweater, jeans, and white shoes. Black bookbag on his back. Light green notebook and light green book in his hands Location - University Campus/ Library
Himchan Wearing - Black tee shirt with a black jacket over it. Gray jeans and black shoes. Fushia wristwatch Location - Bar. Drinking a fushia drink. Lighting behind bar is fushia
Youngjae Wearing - Black and yellow jacket. Hood up. Jacket zipped all the way up. Sleeves pushed back slightly. Yellow rubber bracelets on his right wrist. Black jeans and yellow sneakers Location - Rooftop that overlooks the city. Laundry is being hung up there.
Did you imagine it? Did you like it? Did you get the color references? Please tell me!