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Video games.... Oh video games, I love you so.. Then hate came when I saw this BS below. (note I don't own photos and yes I did make that ORC mistake)
There are rules to #gaming First off, when a new game comes out you give your s/o to feel it out to see if he or she likes it. He/she gets on live or play station network, let them meet with the gaming crew to see if it is a yes or no deal. He/she will always have time for you, if you don't do dumb crap like that. Maybe you guys really don't have anything in common because I would not be to happy to see any of my games like that and that includes Operations Raccoon City #fail
The game had some type of potential, it was four player Co-op, it was not first person and I pre-ordered it. (this is what happens when you skip the meetings, in my case the live crew) Do you have any rules to gaming to add...?
As a casual gamer myself, this upsets me for the mere fact that games are expensive, and I don't have the money or time for someone who would disrespect me like that. However, if you're ignoring your SO for extended periods of time for a game, you need to reevaluate your life as well. Quit wasting someone's time if you're just going to ignore them. Note: I am not condoning this girl's behavior whatsoever (in case any of you misunderstood), but as a girl who's been ignored in a relationship for a ridiculous amount of time, it doesn't matter in what way, the pain is still the same, and I can see where she is coming from.
I don't understand why girls get mad when guys play video games I would join my boyfriend or I would be sitting in the back saying kill him or watch out or something like that
honestly, I think this is messed up for destroying something of value that isn't yours, but I can agree with @kmccord95 in terms of seeing where she's coming from, at least a little. you've gotta pay attention to the person you're with. In terms of video game rules, though @LAVONYORK, it's an interesting thought! maybe i'll also do a card. for now though, my one big rule is DON'T PREORDER.
I'd say let her go but yes would like to do something with my bf but I wouldn't get mad that be was playing a game like I said I would be the gf in the back with a bowl of popcorn helping him or say kill him or something like that but I guess you can say use to it cause I grow up watching my brother and his friend
I totally agree @butterflyblu, for some strange reason I feel like this was not her first tantrum. Smh
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