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Okay. So I wanted to do this earlier when @shannonl5 commented about it. I wanted to kinda figured out how I wanted to display a short but meaningful playlist. Each song I have loaded on my phone is dear to me so... yeah. But otherwise, all my K Pop has its own playlist. I love how, when just listening to everything in my music library, it goes from EXO to Type O Negative, to Godsmack, to Loverboy, then back EXO, then to A Perfect Circle. I have one co-worker that thinks the K Pop stuff is pretty cool. Now to turn the others muhwahhahahaha huh ahahhaa *cough, cough* Here it goes... by decade
First off... the 70s. Nostalgia purposes... sitting in front of my dad's stereo, listening to Ann Wilson's outstanding vocals and crying to Journey's "Open Arms" because I found the lyrics so touching. I was very surprised to hear EXO singing it, although they sang it the way Boys II Men sang it.
The 80s Ha Ha, everyone's favorite decade. Especially Adam Sandler. I think that's the only reason I watch Adam Sandler movies is because of the freaking awesome music.
The 90's Mmmm yes... Sister Machine Gun, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Type O Negative, Smashing Pumpkins, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, .... Alice In Chains... Oh. My. Gods. Words cannot express how the music from these guys made me feel. STILL make me feel.
Of the fore mentioned, Alice In Chains deserves it's own section. Like I stated before, on another card, I wasn't too broken up about Kurt Cobain dying but when Layne Staley passed away. My heart broke...
Onwards... I'm just gonna combine the last two decades. I found a lot of music, a lot of underground sound. Music is my life. I will never stop listening. My daughter's had some influence. They had discovered My Chem and I got pulled in. I have a few classical songs.... oh, I wanted to throw in there The Duke Spirit (The Walk And The Step), but I ran out of spots.
Jang Keun Suk's Black Engine, I think, is sexy as hell. EXO. I love EXO. I could not decide which to play. I have all their songs saved to my phone. Team H (Jang Keun Suk and Kurt Jung aka Big Brother)... I listened to it for days when I got the CD I have been getting into K Pop. I like pop music. If it sounds good, if it makes me feel good then why not. Yeah I do get that "why are you listening to that, you can't understand the words" b/s, I just shrug my shoulders and turn the volume up. Like I said the other day, err posted on FB, Music is music, if I can feel the emotion, no matter what language it is, then That's good music. And I don't care what's going on with KHJ, he's damn fine in that video
Believe me, I have tons more but I think I'm running this card a little too long...
@DanRodriguez @megamind look! Another Alice in Chains fan ^_^ So much good musical taste on Vingle :D
@DanRodriguez @Matokokepa that's what I'll listen to first then ^_^
@DanRodriguez your like the second person I ever met online that knows who Sister Machine Gun is, Yes!
Very good taste, @shannonl5! I do love listening to Sister Machine Machine Gun, too!!!
@shannonl5 Try... The Eden House, Field of Nephilim, Rishloo... lol my mind went blank... uhhhhh... Guano Apes, they have really good songs. The Black Belles, The Deep Eynde... just to name a few
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