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It's getting that time of year — my favorite time of year — FALL! I absolutely love fall fashion. One of the reasons that I love fall fashion so much is that I get to wear boots! They are my favorite type of shoes. This DIY project is great for adding some flair and warmth to your boots fashion with boots socks from sweaters. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at The SITS Girls.


For this project, you will need an old sweater, scissors, a needle and thread, lace trim and buttons. If you aren't savvy with a needle and thread, you can use fabric glue instead.

Choose the length

Choose your length of your boots socks depending on whether you want more or less warmth. If you want more warmth, choose the longer length. If you want moderate warmth, go with the shorter length. Cut the sweater sleeve at that desired length.

Hem the sweater

Use the needle and thread to hem the end of the sweater that you cut or use the fabric glue. Make sure that it is effectively hemmed as sweaters easily can unravel.

Add embellishments

Use the needle and thread or the fabric glue to add lace trim, buttons or other embellishments to your boots socks. It's completely up to you what you want to add to your socks!


You now have picture perfect boots socks to take your fall fashion to the next level!
I have made once this kinda socks, nice step-by-step descripotion. I like it! 👢📰☺💃👍
what a great idea. Not for me as a male and this is women's fashion but a great idea never the less !.