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Ombre is still having its "it" moment, and this DIY project is a great way to incorporate ombre into your fashion wardrobe. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at the Free People fashion blog.


For this project, you will need a plain white t-shirt, rubber gloves, fabric dye, salt and a tub. Make sure you wear clothes that you don't care about just in case you get dye on your clothes while doing this project.

Dip-dye the t-shirt

Mix a quarter of the dye with four cups of warm water and four tablespoons of salt. After all of the dye has dissolved in the water, fill up the rest of the tub with water to dilute the dye. Then, dip the end of the t-shirt in the dye. Let the shirt dry for about 15 minutes until it is damp.

Powder-dye the t-shirt

While the t-shirt is damp, sprinkle some of the dye powder on the dyed part of the t-shirt. Let the powder and the t-shirt dry. After the shirt has dried, rinse the shirt and let it dry again.

How cool does that look?!

The powdered dye will make a cool, splattered pattern on your t-shirt.
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