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What's your favorite era? I tried really hard to figure out which era was my favorite and in the end it was confirmed that I am just crazy about VIXX in general...I love every era😅 Each era shows how much VIXX worked toward it and how much they love their fans and how much they've grown. It's beautiful. VIXX always puts their all in every performance and every era so for me as a crazy fan I can't choose an era as a favorite because I see how much VIXX puts into the stages, dance practices, and everything involved in an era. Saranghae, VIXX~ Fighting
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This is the best answer hahahahaha ♡♡♡ I feel the same really, I just forced myself to pick!
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@byeolbit I tried really hard to force myself to pick too but I just didn't have the strength too! Haha
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@NatMarie I can relate ♡ in my mind after I picked I was like BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS STILL GREAT
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@byeolbit that was me while I was picking...that's why each era has hearts next to it 😅
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