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So recently I have actually decided to listen to Zion T and I fell in love. His voice is so soulful and romantic it calms my soul. But I think what I MOST about him besides his angelic voice is how NORMAL he looks lol. I know it's weird to say but I love how he looks like a normal person you'd see walking down the street or the guy in high school that no one really pays attention to maybe a select few. I love how he wears shades all the time and when he takes them off he just looks like a normal guy lol and the braces I love those too cause it's like him saying hey I got flaws too but look how cool I am and how many girls want me anyway haha. So this is my little speech about why I love Zion T. To me he's the normal looking guy with something extra special
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@SashaLove his voice is healing oh my gosh lol and he's so chill and mellow I love it! Then when I saw his braces I was like yes lol he's perfect
@RochelleDiamond agreed his music is beautiful! and those braces Gawd 😍😍
He's amazing! if you haven't already you should listen watch the video of him singing I need a girl with Taeyang. it's perfection
@JustinaNguyen I did! And I was like whaaaaaaaaa no way lol
ive been listening to him forever and fall more and more in love everytime I see him or hear his voice. his music is so beautiful his voice is beautiful and he is beautiful inside and out . I love the glasses because it gives a mysterious vibe to him and as soo as he takes them off hes the cutest human bean ever♡♥