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Once or twice a week I will recommend a drama for those who need help or for those who haven't seen a particular drama. I will also give a small description and trailer of each drama. Note: all the dramas I recommend will be on dramafever.com , if anyone has any suggestions please inbox them to me thanks - Jojo^.^
Awesome!! Looking forward to these posts~~~
@kpopandkimchi I will try very hard to pick good ones :)
@deniecesuit I will definitely check them out thank you very much
@jgallegos222 I like drama fever but the commercials kill me. they had at one a commercial that was 30 minutes. that upset me a lot. Viki on the other hand you don't have commercials but you have to see how much has been translated to English. As for dramas to watch I just finished love buffet and full house take 2.
@DenieceSuit I have tried it out a couple times. I tend to favor dramafever. But if you have any dramas you would like me to add I will definitely , watch them and might recommend them.
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