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I love these characters so much, like their so cute and precious and I must protect them! 1.Asahi Azumane-Haikyuu!! 2.Nicolas Brown-Gangsta 3.Rei Ryugazaki- Free! Iwatobi Swim Club 4.Takeo Gōda-My love story!! 5.Clear-Dmmd (Dramatical Murder) 6.Leo-Pandora Hearts 7.Juuzou Suzuya-Tokyo Ghoul 8.Hinata Shouyou-Haikyuu!!
I feel like a noob asking this but could you say the names or animes of these characters? ^^
@poojas Sure thing! I just added their names and the anime they are in by order of the pictures :3
@CyberAngel Awesome! Thank you. I feel like a noob for not recognizing #7 :/
@poojas yeah! It's all good I know how you feel sometimes I see a thing with an anime I've never seen before and I'm like what's this but then they don't put the name and I'm like :))))
@CyberAngel Hahaha, yup!