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okay we all know that we have our housemate we have our house we had a party and we found out what kind of supernatural creature they are now its time to see what happen after all that so lets play
door #1 is....
door #2 is... (I guess it's work out lol)
door #3 (sooo sorry that it didn't work but at least you got a surprise :-) :-))
door # 4 is... ( 2 and 1)
door #5 is... (congratulations)
awww I'm so sad that's its over ;-( lol but I did have fun making these cards with you. I hope that you and your housemate work out and I'm sorry that it's didn't please don't be mad at me. but please remember that you only get one chance to change your doors so if you don't like what you got you may change your door love you hope you had a good time playing LET'S PLAY HOUSE WITH BIG BANG
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Awe poor seungri is not getting the love at all! XD
@majesticx I understand...@AimeeH I'm sorry! If he saw this I would feel awful, but oh well!! Haha
@KatelynSummerso XD haha don't apologize dear everyone has their bias. haha. He's my bias so I feel bad XD
Top is my husband and he is going to be a father
Okay so...I got Youngbae....we have a house party to celebrate...our house is awesome....he's a witch...and we get married and prego! I picked well lol. Wish it was true. Taeyang my husband and Baby daddy....AYE Papi....if I wouldve went with my 1st choice of door it would've been GD. Opps my bad.