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Here's where things get interesting for VIXX. "On and On" was the start of their "concept idol" image, in that they can take any concept and adapt to it without letting the costumes and makeup overwhelm them (exception: Leo's hair. Just no). This is really what has drawn me to VIXX and motivated me to stay on as a fan. Any group can sing a catchy song (that's what writers, producers, choreographers, and voice coaches are for. It takes a lot to make an idol group, people). But as we've seen time and again with singing groups, all of those elements can get you to debut, but to stay in the industry you really need more (once again, exception: groups from bigger agencies are way more likely to survive).
But VIXX is from Jellyfish Entertainment, which had never had an idol group before. They debuted around the same time as SM Entertainment's EXO, a group that was so hyped up before they even debuted that competition was laughed off (their pre-single pre-teasers got like a bajillion views, yo).
But in spite of that, VIXX prevails (with all of the members still in the group, thank you very much). They're not the biggest group, but they have a reputation in the world of Kpop, and their popularity is growing everyday.
While Hyde is not my favorite song (어둠 속을 밝혀줘/Light Me Up is the best from that album in my opinion), it definitely marks the beginning of VIXX's journey into success. They weren't super popular up to this point, but this single, along with the next few, helped them to skyrocket into recognition and break through, drawing the attention of tons of Kpop fans.
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Light Me Up is my favourite song from that album too ^^ and honestly I prefer VIXX over EXO any day, so suck on that SM XD no hate though just stating my opinion lol