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ok now you know who your with but how did you meet them let's found out
door #1 you guys where childhood friends and you guys liked each other bit was to scared to tell but he finally confessed to you
door #2 you where eating at McDonalds and a cute guy bought you a ice cream I guess it was love at first sight
door #3 you where with friends shopping at you fav store and a cute guy working there he asked for your # of course you gave it to him
door #4 you met in high school teacher paired you two up instead of doing home work you where founding out about each other
door #5 nice jog in the park its nice and cool today and a hot guy jogging too wants to join you
door #6 he was your secret admirer on Valentine's Day
door #7 dating websites
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I guess Jhope and I were friends but then we confessed our feelings
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Jungkook and I met in high school because our teacher paired us up together
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V finally confessed to me 馃槏馃槏馃槏
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Jungkook was my secret admirer on Valentine's day
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