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I know this isn't kpop related again , but I want to share with you guys some other amazing korean artists who are beyond amazing. 1st is okasian and play$tar. Okasian is one of my fave rappers/bias lol and hes just overall an amazing artist. and play$tar is definitely bae lol hes gorgeous and an amazing rapper.
Next one who some of you may know from the whole rap monster situation is B-free♡ yes what he did was uncalled for , but he is still one of my fave rappers and hes high on my list because hes extremely talented and his mixtape was insane , not as great as namjoons but it was amazing. warning....Kawasaki is extremely catchy
third is Paloalto and babylon, babylon is seriously too much so just a warning hes a lady killer and paloalto is another amazing rapper.
last but not least is keith ape , loota , and jay all day , and of course kohh , I love most of the cohorts(excluding kohh&loota) they are life seriously they are all great rappers and the cohort mixtape was life.itgma is my main jam and rebel life is perfect so seriously check these guys out.