5. What's your fave era? Hyde/Jekyll hands down. I love how in Hyde they have a dark concept, the MV is super darkly lit, everyone's bursting out with wings. It's crazy and very well done and super edgy. But then the repackaged Jekyll comes out a couple months later...
And we get G.R.8.U. The music video is sweet and precious. The song is sweet and precious. The boys are all light and sweet and precious. The only bad thing about this style to me was Leo's lack of flowing locks. I loveeee the juxtaposition and the use of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to bring it to life. It actually reminds me of The Misconceptions of Us albums by SHINee, in which their is sort of a split personality bringing in two povs. LOVE IT. So yes. And plus the boys seemed to have fun, and this era they were performing Love Letter to promote the album. So. I mean. Done
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Yesssss hyde/jekyll was great!!! I remember how excited I was that we were getting a repackage after hyde ended!!!