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This man, Dong Young Bae a.k.a Taeyang ranks above all the others. Although Rapmon is tied for #1, Taeyang will always be ahead just enough the have that ultimate spot. @B1A4BTS5ever
How could you say no to that?
No need to get like that Its not funny either <.< Don't laugh at me
Stop it I'm trying to be serious here Bae! Put a damn shirt on
Give? Thank you! Now back on topic :D
That smile ♥
Getting into the music
Gosh, you're goofy sometimes
"Ah Nah" you say? Whatevs You're freaking adorkable
GOOD LORD I AM DONE You're gonna make me have a meltdown
Shut up Bae >.>
Fuck this shit I'm out
I'm kidding I love you Next month we'll dive into more details! :D
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Are you secretly my sister with your Taeyang/Rap Mon biases? Lol. Those are her top boos too. Ah Youngbae, his eye smiles make me melt. And if I were a male vocalist, I would want his voice. Hands down.
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@baileykayleen I would get along great with your sister, we could fangirl together XD And yes, I turn into a sighing mess whenever I see him smile in videos.
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His name is T to the A to the E...Y to the A N G
2 years ago·Reply
his name literally says it all Young bae is everyone's bae hes just too much♥♡
2 years ago·Reply
Lol! that was great! x)
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