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Gdragon window
Kim tae hyun. Tears fall
Baek Ah Yeon- the three things i have left
Jo jung hee blue this one i can not even explain... Let me be honest any song off the angel eyes soundtrack makes me ball like a baby. So @kpopandkimchi thanks for tagging mr. I'm curious @shannonl5 @chandnip804 @baileykayleen @wafflesdrowning @drummergirl691 @CandanceJohnson @B1A4BTS5ever @buddyesd @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @karinafarias @DanRodriguez @poojas @VinMcCarthy @VixenViVi @Rhia @JesJones @deilig @sherrysahar what ones make you tear up if you have one?
@buddyesd allll the ones @VeronicaArtino said and B1A4, exo, block b, nflying, seventeen, got7, cclown, the legend, bap, 2pm, nuest, mad clown, giboy, monsta x, hot shot, speed, high4, halo, b2st, a6p, b.i.g, boyfriend, cross gene, girls day, history, jj project, jjcc, lunafly, my name, apink, ss501, tara, teen top, ukiss, uniq, 24k
@B1A4BTS5ever I'll have to check them out thanx :)
as of right now, I haven't listened to enough KPop to have any song that makes me tear up. I'm also not really a very emotional persona with music, I think. I think only one or two songs really get me to a teary state.
I've got lots to listen to tonight ^_^
@buddyesd welcome and yes @VeronicaArtino super junior as well and if want alot of members in the band have there own solo career as well but just start with bands first
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