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tablo home
Gdragon window
Kim tae hyun. Tears fall
Baek Ah Yeon- the three things i have left
Jo jung hee blue this one i can not even explain... Let me be honest any song off the angel eyes soundtrack makes me ball like a baby. So @kpopandkimchi thanks for tagging mr. I'm curious @shannonl5 @chandnip804 @baileykayleen @wafflesdrowning @drummergirl691 @CandanceJohnson @B1A4BTS5ever @buddyesd @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @karinafarias @DanRodriguez @poojas @VinMcCarthy @VixenViVi @Rhia @JesJones @deilig @sherrysahar what ones make you tear up if you have one?
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@buddyesd welcome and yes @VeronicaArtino super junior as well and if want alot of members in the band have there own solo career as well but just start with bands first
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I've got lots to listen to tonight ^_^
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as of right now, I haven't listened to enough KPop to have any song that makes me tear up. I'm also not really a very emotional persona with music, I think. I think only one or two songs really get me to a teary state.
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omg yes to the first tablo song! his songs, especially after the whole stanford thing, are so heartbreaking!
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi right I love tablo songs. Most of them get an emotional reaction out of me.
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