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My Ultimate Bias is........ *drumroll*
This cutie here!! He's sooo hot and sexy that I just want to kidnap him and keep him for myself. Seriously look at him right now. Agksgsbjsnss I give up! *I NEED U starts playing* ME: YOU CAN HAVE ME RIGHT NOW TAEHYUNG!!
He's so cute and adorkable that I just want to eat him up!! Like if you don't see it than your blind!! (I'm not trying to offend anyone) His box like smile and his kisses and fan service drives me insane to the point I think I'm going crazy!!
The 4D Alien things he does are just ajgjhdjdbsjs. I just can't describe him in words. He's too... too.. I can't even form coherent sentences anymore. I just love him to the point I think I'm going to go insane.
That's me right there!! I have lost my train of thoughts when I see this alien creature.
So yeah that was my ultimate bias. @ninachan, @B1a4BTS5ever, @SkaeRaBe, @kpopandkimichi sorry those are all the names I could remember DX
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I love this boy too and every time this part of war of hormone comes on and he says tell me what you right now I'll give it to you girl right now and I'm like so if I asked for you you'll give me you please but he is my bias too and just wondering cause I got into this group this year but what does 4d mean
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@amandamuska he comes from some place more weirder than weird? Xd I can't even explain this 馃槀馃槀
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ok thanks for trying tho lol @ParkMeiFan
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@amandamuska hahaha maybe we should look it up on Google or something lil
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I've thought about it @ParkMeiFan
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