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If you haven't watched American hustle life then you have to watch it!!! heres one clip watch all of it and enjoy ^.^
@Marilovexoxo omg yes I was dying laughing And kookie was like NO NO NO Haha they were all scared to death! Jhopes face was all red and his eyes were watery
i saw dis before! And when u come back from watching it, WHO LAUGHED SO HARD AT RAP MON'S TWERKING FACE?! HAHAHA
my babies
@Marilovexoxo she told rap monster 7$ I think for the sun glasses and he gave them to v he was like how much for him she said for him 5$ lol she was li k e v are you going to come back to see me he was like yes oh actually no I'm not good at English lmao omg there faces when the helicopter went back down cracked me up I felt bad
@Marilovexoxo was is Jin or suga who said jimins butt was angry lol omg yes he said "this chain you like 3$" haha rap monster:ohh he's a Hollywood star haha V: can I have your time please Kookie: (sings like Chris brown) I like you Jin: do you know annyeonghaseyo
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