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Late at night,  I lay and stare  In the dark.  My mind wanders  To times of you.  I think of the what ifs, And I imagine the future,  You once envisioned.  I miss you more each day,  It has been nine years.  Yet I still grieve of the boy,  Who took my hand,  Stole my heart,  Whispered in my ear,  And screamed to the world  The love that he had for me.  I cry every May.  I close my eyes,  I dream of you.  I see your smirk,  I feel your hands,  Most of all I feel calm.  In the morning I wake;  I shed a tear for the past,  But smile for my future.  I say goodbye in my mind.   Until the nighttime,  Where I dream of an angel,  One who taught me how to love;   My goth boy,   My high school heart.  A piece of soul went missing  The day you died. © Veronica Artino l
I still miss you DJ...and so does your family and friends. But yet I think I miss you because before you died we where fighting a week earlier and I wasn't speaking to you but on that day you passed I saw you in the hallway and you screamed at the top your lungs how sorry you where and that one day you where going to marry me and make me carry your twins. I smiled and told you I didn't think we get married. I gave you hug and a kiss on the cheek and you said please talk to me V... i miss your voice...All I said was later... i never got to talk to you again. I miss my best friend and I also miss squirrel your other best friend that died with you that day... Douglas James (DJ Bam Bam) Brandenburg you will never be forgotten.
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Wow. My condolences. I can't even imagine how hard it must feel to go through something like that -- even after all those years.
Wow! Another beautiful piece of yours. I felt pain in my heart reading this. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing someone so dear to you is never easy. (;-;)
Oh wow......I'm sorry for your loss but great piece of writing. Your sincerity will be heard by DJ for sure.
I'm sorry to hear your loss :( but I'm glad you are so thoughtful enough to write about it.
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