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Day 4 out of 30 Let start off with leader N! I love the faces N makes and how much he cares about his members! After all he is mother N and a terrific leader! Plus his hair is hair goals! Is it just me or does it look hella soft? XD
Leo Leo Leo! He has such a beautiful voice! Truly talented! He has such a love for babies and animals it's adorable! And when he does smile it's like witnessing a double rainbow! That's how magical it is!!
Kenny Ken Ken His ears and nose! They are so adorable! His aegyo is definitely my favorite! He is super funny and a wonder person. At first I though he was the maknae of the group lol He brightens up anybody's day!
Hongbin! His smile is definitely my favorite! Plus he is a fan of photography! I am too! One day I would like to go take photos with him haha He is a definite sweetie
Hyuk! (There was 3 pictures in 1 so I didn't bother to post anymore lol) Hyuk reminds me so much of my brother! Hyuk is super cool and super awesome! Sometimes I feel like we need to appreciate that one time he cross dressed. He was super beautiful as a girl! XD
And last but certainly not least! Ravi! My bias! Need I say more? I talked a lot about him in some other cards...
Some more photos!!
N; i love when he nags Leo; his angelic vocals Ken; his optimism Ravi; he spits out raps like firrreee Hongbin; when doesnt he smile? Hyuk; how he joined as a dancer but he was given more and more parts each song.
lol I can totally see thinking Ken is the maknae at first!!!