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A cardiac surgeon and a rescue worker meet again long after harsh circumstances separated them. Aired April 5, 2014-June 15, 2014 Stars: Lee Sang-yoon Ku Hye-Sun Ha-neul Kang Nam Ji-hyun Kim Ji-seok Jung Jin-young Kong Hyeong-Jin Kwon Hae-Hyo Seungri
They fall in love as teenagers. But what they do not know is they are ill-fated. His father died trying to save her mother in the car accident that caused her to lose her eyesight. When he meets her he doesn't know she is blind but soon discovers it. Her father is a surgeon and he spends all his time at the hospital trying to find donor eyes for an eye transplant for her. But this causes the girl to feel unloved and sad. But she fills it in working at the planetarium where she finally meets her first love. Later as they fall in love she meets his little sister and mother. His litter sister has leukemia and needs a surgery in the United States. she misses her mom so much and breaks down. The boys mother tells her on her birthday if she could grant her one wish it would be to give her eyes to the girl so she could see how pretty and amazing she is. She tapes her recipes for the girl so she can cook. That same day the boy and girl go on a date and it starts raining real bad. The boy returns home and gets sick. His mom does his soup route for him and gets hit by a car. She goes to the hospital and her son is contacted and his mom has surgery. He meets the and thanks him. But later his mom died and she had already pre donated them to his first love. All this time the girl was trying to get a hold of him to tell him she was a getting an eye transplant. but he is at mom's funeral and preparing to leave to the United States. He later comes home and charges his phone to get her messages and rushes to the hospital to get in time to see her sleeping after surgery. He leaves her note which her dad takes and hide. She doesn't find it out until much later in the adult life when they meet again and fall in love.
These are some of my favorite quotes. This drama will get you right in the feels. But don't worry there are comedic moments. and from an unexpected source in the former of...
Seungri 's character, the little kid, and the kids father. Please watch and Let me know what you think not to mention but this has one awesome OST
and of course all credit to owners of the pics and of course thank god for the Internet and youtube.
Whoa whoa whoa seungri is in it?!!?!?
That song! So good! Also anything with Seungri in it. So cute. Tbh I haven't watched it... It's so sad seeming I just haven't gotten the courage up.
Just watched the first three episodes because of this card....😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
I agree! it's a must see
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